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 Resident Spotlight

Resident Veterans at Afton Care Center

Ernie 2 IMG 3248
Ernie Millard served our Country in
       the Army during the Vietnam War.                           

George IMG 3241
George Weis served in Japan and Korea.

Zelma IMG 3246“Monty” Zelma Burgess was stationed
in the Army at Fort Mead and worked
as a teletype operator.


Eva and Her PuzzlesOct ACC 2017 smaller

Eva loves putting puzzles together in the Resident Activity Room at Afton Care Center
and then donates her work to friends and families. Most recently Eva donated puzzles
to the Afton Auxiliary for the Annual Quilt Show door prizes. 



Residents of the Month

Text by Joan Waske

2017PicsASE ACCBerylBoothLITEBeryl Randol was born south of Osceola June 2, 1925. She grew up on her parents’ farms, helping milk cows and care for chickens. Beryl attended Wildcat Country School and finished high school through a study course. Her favorite subject was arithmetic.
   Beryl met Merrill Booth and soon knew him to be the one with whom she wanted to spend her life. They were married October 6, 1943, and settled on a farm south of Thayer. She gardened, milked cows, and raised chickens. The family attended Oak Hill Church.
   The Booths took several trips. They enjoyed playing cards with friends. She sewed clothing, did embroidery, and crocheted many afghans.
   Beryl feels her best decision was to wed Merrill, and she treasures the fifty-one years they had together. Beryl is proud of their daughter, son, and seven grandchildren. She is especially proud of the good partnership she and Merrill had in their marriage.
   Beryl’s favorite saying sums up her view of how to live one’s life – “Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe.”



2016PicsASE ClaybakerGenevaACATB10Geneva Keller was born at Clarinda in 1933 and grew up on her parents’ farm near Shannon City. She, two sisters, and two brothers milked cows and cared for the livestock. Her parents instilled the ethic, “If you couldn’t afford something, you didn’t go in debt to get it.”
   Geneva graduated from high school at Shannon City. She earned a teaching certificate and taught kindergarten a short while before she and Ray Claybaker married in 1956. They raised one son and three daughters.
   Geneva and Ray square danced for many years. The family camped at Iowa parks, visited the Little Brown Church, Ledges State Park, and other Iowa sites. She and Ray especially enjoyed the scenery while traveling by train to Washington, D.C..
   Geneva was an aide at Creston Nursing and Rehab and assistant activity director for a time. She has volunteered at the hospital Info Desk, as a reading buddy at school, and at Afton Care Center.
   Geneva has always liked working with people and enjoys helping others.



2017PicsASE ACCJoanArnoldJoan Hannah, born in Shenandoah August 12, 1935, grew up in Tingley where she graduated from high school.
   She was in Girl Scouts, baby-sat, and cleaned houses. In high school, she loved music. Her favorite subject was English. She wrote Tingley articles for the Diagonal Reporter.
   Joan was on the 1952 Tingley basketball team that went to State. She met Bob Arnold at a basketball tourney. They were married thirty-nine years and have three sons.
   She moved to Creston, relishing her independence. She worked at Walmart Garden Center and was an aide for preschool handicapped children  at the AEA. She co-owned an antique store in Afton.
   Joan was a strict mother but had fun with her boys. She is proud of them, feels she’s raised them well. She has eleven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
   Joan has visited Germany, six other European countries, Mexico, and Texas. She loved the stage shows Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, and many others.
   She appreciates the good, friendly staff, and the food at ACC where she has lived for ten months. She admits to being an honest, bubbly, feisty person. She’s always ready with interesting conversation.



2017PicsASE ACCJimAbellJames Abell was born in 1932 at Creston where he grew up and went to school. Jim has four brothers.
   As a kid, Jim liked biking and skating. He learned to break colts, using the “walk ‘em into the pond” technique. (A colt can’t buck you off when his feet are in the mud!) 
   His favorite school subject was arithmetic, and he earned a spelling award.
   Jim’s jobs included driving semis, building basements, and he spent twenty years at the Farmer’s Coop. 
   Jim met Mary Lou at a dance and feels marrying her was his best decision. They lived in Denver, Colorado for ten years. They are proud of their two daughters, a son, grand, and great-grand children.
   Jim began buying and selling furniture, hauling loads of antiques to Colorado. He knows dealing with people honestly helped in business. He says, “Trust the guy with patches, but watch the ones in fancy clothes.” 
   Jim has been at ACC four months. Though it’s not home, he likes most of the people. Jim wants to live in peace and wishes the same for everyone else.



2017PicsASE ACCMildredONeallMildred Bierce was born December 7, 1928 in Clarke County, the oldest of nine. She graduated from Murray High School where she liked geography and English.
   She worked at home, helping with gardening and home chores. She enjoyed embroidery.
   While working at the Murray Café, Millie met Tom O’Neall. They married in 1948. Millie and Tom worked out problems together. They were hard working people, dedicated to their marriage and two children. They were not strict, but guided their children, trusting them to do right. 
   Millie feels marrying Tom was a good decision. She is proud of their children; both from graduated from college. She is thankful for good health, family, and especially the good marriage she and Tom built together.
   Millie baked pies for local cafés, sometimes thirty to forty a day, even ninety one day. If you’ve eaten scrumptious pie at TJ’s in Afton or Osceola’s Family Table in the past few years, it was probably made by Millie’s very capable hands. 
   Afton care Center has been Millie’s home for two years. She enjoys the people and likes to help out whenever she can.



2016PicsASE ACCHuntingtonWandaB31Wanda Peak grew up on her parents’ farm near Kent where she was born in 1920. Wanda helped with pigs and cattle. As a child, she liked sledding in the winter and playing with dolls. History was Wanda’s favorite subject at Corning High School where she graduated.
   Wanda met Charles Huntington in Kent one Saturday evening when the town band was entertaining. Chuck and Wanda were married in December 1939. The couple lived modestly, working together to farm and raise hogs.  
   The Huntingtons raised three children of whom she is very proud. Wanda stated, “The farm was a good place to raise children.”
   Wanda quilted ten years with Arispe quilters before failing eyesight made that impossible. She has made a quilt for each child and grandchild, sixteen in total. She crocheted an afghan for each great-grandchild and still crochets dishcloths. She enjoys listening to books on tape. Wanda was always a hard worker determined to finish each job. At 96, she has many friends and says, “I’ve had a good life.”