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Carlson IMG 3364Judy Carlson, Miss Retired Antique Queen, has made it back to Afton Care Center to join us for our Antique Road Show Day.  Judy shared her unique button collection and spoke of many items shared that day.  Judy is no stranger to Afton Care Center, as she was an admitting resident last November 2016 for physical therapy after a fall outside her garage while working on her antiques at home.  Judy had a short rehab to home visit with Afton Care Center and was home before the holidays last year.  She is now part of the Afton Care Center Family and we enjoyed having her back to visit. "I had a good experience with Afton Care Center and the people. "

  Judy Carlson, Retired Antique Queen



"Over the 4 1/2 years Janice lived at Afton Care Center, we appreciated the great nursing care she received and how all staff members made us feel like part of a family. Her room was large enough to bring in many pieces of furniture, pictures, and other items to make it as home-like as possible."  

Roland "Top" Peterson


"I received excellent care and worked with the therapists and staff to follow the therapy program and guidelines to ensure I could reach my goal of returning home in a safe manner."

Darlene Henrichs


"Even though we knew it was your job to take care of Dad, we appreciated all the personal care and attention you gave him–like he was part of your family."

Jeanette Oakes


"The therapy department and staff at Afton Care Center helped me get on the right track after my hip injury and helped me achieve my goal of returning home."

Opal Moffitt